flavonoid analysis in herbal medicineThis interesting research study on increasing the yield of the medical herb American Skullcap under cultivation conditions uses our accelerated solvent extraction system for sample preparation followed by HPLC analysis of the flavonoids (link to medical.net webpage) in the herb. The flavonoids of the plant are associated with sedative, anti-convulsant, and anti-anxiety medical benefits. By the way, American Skullcap and Chinese Skullcap are two different herbs and cannot be used interchangeably. (Source and link University of Maryland Medical Center).

In the study,Partial Shade, Irrigation, and Added Nutrients Maximize Dry Matter Yield of American Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora L.), (link to abstract; only the abstract is free) researchers from Auburn University (U.S.), Fort Valley State University (U.S.) , and SEED Ministries Inc. (Haiti) performed a two-year study to understand how different factors (light, water, and nutrients) in cultivating the medical plant could impact its yield as this medicinal plant is mostly harvested from the wild. The researchers designed several plots with differing growing conditions that included full sun, shade, irrigation, no irrigation, fertilizer, and no fertilizer. They harvested the plant shoots four times during the study and measured the concentrations of these four flavonoids in the samples: baicalin, baicalein, wogonin and chrysin.

As per their results, “Shade, irrigation and nutrients increased yield of all four flavonoids. Total flavonoid yield was 26% higher under shade, 97% higher with irrigation and 44% higher with added nutrients.”

If you are new to the ASE technique, do watch this one-hour on-demand webinar titled:Increase Productivity with Automated Sample Preparation, (link to webinar registration page).

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