Chromatography Data System software CDS softwareIn this blog post, we address the challenge of dealing with the data deluge in today’s analytical laboratory with a great feature in our Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software. This data deluge is the result of advances and improvements in methodology, instrumentation, and automation which have lead to significantly reduced analysis times resulting in much greater volumes of data generated every day.

All good but how does one handle the data deluge? With MiniPlots of course!

The MiniPlots feature in our Chromeleon CDS software enables you to do your job of data analysis much faster by presenting detailed thumbnail images of the chromatograms! Each image corresponds to an injection in your Injection Sequence or Query Result. This means that you can visually scan through dozens of injections and immediately identify gross differences from others.

Another great feature of the MiniPlots is that you can resize the miniplot in both dimensions to show more details of complex chromatograms, or to fit more MiniPlots into the viewable area. To investigate a chromatogram, simply double-click on the MiniPlot and the software displays the chromatogram in a larger Chromatography Studio window so you can examine the chromatogram in much more detail.

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For details on how to use the MiniPlots feature, check out this poster, Interactive Charts: A Powerful New Tool for Understanding Chromatography Data (downloadable PDF) and also view this 30-second video on changing a channel in a miniplot!

Don’t forget to view other very short videos on using Chromeleon CDS software on our channel. Also, do let us know if you are looking for specific software tips and tricks in the Comments box below. Our experts look forward to your questions!