GC Troubleshooting WallChart Icon 200 200What do you do when you run into gas chromatography (GC) problems? Refer to this complimentary poster for troubleshooting! Supplies are limited so get your wallchart today by clicking the image on the right and filling out a brief form so that the wallchart can be mailed to you.

Here is a brief list of the troubleshooting areas covered in this wallchart. (For solutions, you will need the wallchart!)

A really useful feature of the wallchart is that it graphically displays the problem so you can match your problem to the possible cause in one glance!

Baseline Problems Without Injections

Here, possible causes and solutions to high noise, spiking, long-term fluctuations, square waves, continually rising or falling baselines, and s-shaped baselines are listed.

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Detector Problems with Injection

This section lists detector problems such as no peaks, no peaks or dips after the solvent peak, some or all negative peaks, peaks clipped at the bottom or the top.

Column or Inlet Problems

For column or inlet problems, the symptoms depicted and discussed include broad ghost peaks, tailing or fronting peaks, tailing solvent peaks, rapidly broadening peaks, chair-shaped peaks, and double peaks.

Problems with Results

Here, the wallchart lists decreasing and increasing retention times, unreproducible retention times, and unreproducible results.

Let us know if this wallchart is helpful in your work in the Comments box below. Also, let us know troubleshooting areas not covered in the wallchart. Our experts will be pleased to answer your questions.