Concanavalin A structureHere, we feature a fast and efficient monolith column for the highly efficient enrichment and purification of Concanavalin A (Con A) binding glycans, glycopeptides, and glycoproteins from complex samples.

This protein monolith column (Thermo Scientific ProSwift ConA-1S Affinity column) can be used on any compatible HPLC system configured with a gradient pump, an autosampler, a thermal compartment, and detector.

Some of the really excellent features of this column worth mentioning include:

  • Purifying up to 2 mg of glycoproteins.

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  • High-peak efficiency of the column produces sharp, narrow peaks resulting in low elution volumes of highly concentrated products.
  • Because the column is reusable, it is possible to perform many enrichments and purifications with the minimal loss of capacity unlike the current widely used lectin-affinity chromatography columns, which have to be operated manually and can only be used for a limited number of purification cycles.

Here is a downloadable poster, A New Monolithic ConA Affinity Column for Purification and Analysis of Glycans, Glycopeptides, and Glycoproteins, describing examples for the fractionation of glycans, separation of glycoprotein glycoforms, and enrichment of glycopeptides.

By the way, you can also view more sample chromatograms for glycans, glycopeptides, and glycoproteins analysis on the column webpage. Examples include horseradish peroxidase, group of fluorescently labeled glycans,group of immunodepleated glycoproteins, glycopeptide enrichment, and separation of glycoforms of chicken ovalbumin.

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