protein analysisHere’s an HPLC and mass spectrometry study of proteins responsible for nacre and prism deposition of the pearl oyster shell. (Did you know that nacre is the inner shell layer and also the coating in pearls?)

The study is titled, Different secretory repertoires control the biomineralization processes of prism and nacre deposition of the pearl oyster shell, (link to abstract; only the abstract is free) was conducted jointly by researchers from several institutes from Tahiti and France and published in the PNAS journal online.

The goal of the study was to extend the knowledge of the proteins responsible for forming the nacre of the inner shell and pearls and identified 80 shell matrix proteins of which 66 were found to be unique. The researchers concluded that “prisms and nacre are assembled from very different protein repertoires. This suggests that these layers do not derive from each other.”

The researchers studied two types of pearl oysters: Pinctada margaritifera and Pinctada maxima and used our nano HPLC system (Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 Nano LC system) and our protein and peptide analytical column (Thermo Scientific Acclaim PepMap100 C18 Protein and Peptide column) for the protein analysis.

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While the entire article is not free, the supporting information for the article is available to be viewed and describes shell matrix protein extraction method, biochemical and proteomics analyses, the localization of the nacre shell matrix proteins, and quantification and localization of nacre and prism transcripts.

Also, if you are interested in automated proteomics analysis using the nano HPLC system in the study, here’s a downloadable poster note: Combined Injection and Fractionation Capabilities of an Autosampler for Automated Off-Line Multidimensional LC Methods in Proteomics.

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