Electrochemical detection HPLC UHPLCThe 80-page Electrochemical Detection (ECD) bibliography (link to PDF below) presented in this blog post has long been on my list to write about and, for one reason or another, it kept getting pushed down on the queue of blog topics. And, today, I am pleased to present this resource to our blog readers.

In case you are new to this type of detection, ECD is the most sensitive and selective mode of HPLC detection for the measurement of oxidizable or reducible compounds. It delivers the high sensitivity needed for the measurement of neurotransmitters, the simplicity and robustness needed for pharmaceutical or clinical diagnostics, and the selectivity for characterization of complex samples such as natural products, biological tissues, and fluids.

The HPLC Electrochemical Detection Bibliography, (downloadable PDF), features research articles featuring the use of one of these sensitive HPLC electrochemical detectors:

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Research articles are included for the following applications: clinical research, environmental, food/nutrition/natural products, metabolomics, neuroscience, pharmaceutical, and oxidative applications. A selection of research articles using electrochemistry-mass spectrometry and other novel approaches is also included. Each article is listed with authors, the publication it appeared in, and the publication date; it is also hyperlinked so you can click the link to view the article abstract.

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