ion chromatography columnsIn our continuing effort to provide high-capacity columns for the optimized separation of haloacetic acetic acids (HAAs)–disinfection by-products produced during chlorination of water containing natural organic matter and bromide–as well as a variety of environmental anions in high-ionic strength matrices without sample pretreatment, we recently released a new hydroxide-selective anion-exchange column. As HAAs have been linked to possible health problems (cancer, endocrine disruption, and organ toxicity), their levels in drinking water are regulated by many governmental agencies around the world, including the US EPA.

The new column has the capacity and selectivity for the analysis of HAAs in drinking water at low-μg/L concentrations using two-dimensional ion chromatography (2D-IC). Check out a couple of excellent sample chromatograms on our website. The first example shows the analysis of HAAs in two simulated samples using 2D-IC and the second example shows a hydroxide gradient separation of environmental anions using the new column with suppressed conductivity detection.

The column (Thermo Scientific Dionex IonPac AS24A 4 × 250 mm) is specifically designed for the first dimension separation of HAAs in drinking water before the second dimension separation using the recently released Dionex IonPac AS26 capillary column, followed by suppressed conductivity detection. It is ideal for the development of specialized applications, including 2D-IC, providing excellent separation of environmental anions including inorganic anions, oxyhalides, oxyanions, and organic acids.

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(In case you are interested in the column specifications, here’s the link to the column product manual.)

Also, here is a link to more hydroxide-selective anion-exchange packed columns on our website.

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