img_0123ASMS 2017 is in full swing in Indianapolis and Thermo Fisher Scientific is introducing some exciting new solutions. It’s no secret that laboratories worldwide are under increasing pressure to answer complex analytical questions, while still meeting evolving regulatory, business and scientific goals. To aid with these challenges, Thermo Fisher is expanding the solutions that help analytical laboratories obtain high quality data so they can provide exceptional performance for the most demanding targeted quantitation applications in the environmental, food safety, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries as well as clinical research and forensic toxicology. This year, we’re excited to announce two new systems that do just that.

The new Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometer offers sensitivity, selectivity and speed while providing the analytical flexibility and reproducibility for demanding applications. And the TSQ Quantis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometer is designed to be a quantitative workhorse, supporting reliable workflows that combine ease-of-use with the highest possible data.

The systems offer outstanding robustness and sensitivity for demanding targeted quantitation assays, and they’re designed to deliver reproducible, reliable quantitation results for nearly all molecule types in complex matrices, even by users with less experience.

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Additionally, they’re engineered to deliver unique, high-resolution single reaction monitoring (SRM) capabilities, which enables ion transmission and consistency for reproducible results across instruments. Both systems are equipped with Active Ion Management (AIM+) technology that includes redesigned ion source housing, segmented quadrupoles, new RF electronics and an enhanced dual-mode electron multiplier detector for ultimate ion management from ion inception to detection.

Are you at ASMS? Stop by the Thermo Fisher booth #601 to learn more about the TSQ Altis and TSQ Quantis Triple Stage Quadrupole mass spectrometers.

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