GC Analysis of Pesticides in fruit drinksThe poster featured in this blog post has a somewhat funny title which caught my eye when I was reviewing the list of the latest and most popular gas chromatography applications from one of our marketing specialists. The other reason I am writing about this application is because it does seem concerning that a study from Spain (referenced in the poster) found that pesticides in fruit-based soft drinks are 300 times higher than those in tap water (link to study).

Poster Note, Pesticides in My Beverage—Screening (and Subsequent Quantification) of Pesticides in Beverages Originating from Leaves, Grapes, Grasses, and the Hydrologic Cycle (Tea, Wine, Milk, and Water) Using Automated SPE (downloadable PDF) presents a fast and efficient sample preparation method using our automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) instrument (Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoTrace 280 SPE instrument) to concentrate pesticide residues in beverages and aqueous samples.

The advantage in using the Dionex AutoTrace 280 SPE instrument is that it extracts pesticide residues from large volume beverage samples for analysis with high speed, efficiency, reproducibility, and recovery rate. Other advantages include the automation of all four steps of SPE, running unattended, removal of sample interferences, isolation and concentration of analytes from the liquid matrix, reduction of solvent consumption, and reduction of exposure to harmful solvents.

The sample preparation was done as per U.S. EPA Method 508Organohalide Pesticides and Commercial Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Products in Water, (downloadable PDF); the poster lists the remainig EPA methods for pesticide testing. Sample preparation was followed by GC-ECD analysis to separate and identify chlorinated pesticides.

On page 6 of the poster, you will note the workflow solution for pesticide analysis includes our automated sample concentrator (Thermo Scientific Rocket Evaporator) which is used to dry samples completely or to concentrate them to a small volume.

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Here is a 7.10 min video on the Rocket Evaporator that you might be interested in viewing.

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