Ep 1Whilst in Boston in February this year to speak with customers about their peptide mapping workflows, I found myself at the Biomarker Research Initiatives in Mass Spectrometry (BRIMS) Center.

BRIMming with Innovation

The BRIMS Center is a Thermo Fisher Scientific center of excellence that develops and promotes comprehensive, integrated, and robust MS-based translational research workflows to bridge the gap between early-stage discovery and next-stage, routine quantitative verification and validation of putative biomarkers. The center threw open its doors in 2004, and announced that it would collaborate with leading clinical researchers and technology providers to develop and integrate the latest tools and techniques, including consumables, instrumentation and data interpretation software. All sounds great…but who’s behind this, what have they achieved, how have they achieved it and why is it needed? Watch Episode 1 of my new vlog series to discover who, what and how

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