shutterstock_163977566Valentine’s Day – a day to swoon that special person in your life with some Candy And Dinner: flowers, chocolates, wine, and dinner. All of it adding to the romance.

For anyone who knows me, the best gift you can give me is food. Food is something you can share and enjoy with your friends or loved ones, and extra special if homemade and thoughtful. A story discussing a study on the effect of how sharing food can promote trust and cooperation was featured on National Public Radio reinforces my stance that food is the best gift to give.

My suggestion for Valentine’s Day is to skip the flowers and bond over some Candy And Dinner, specifically some dark chocolate, strawberries (dipped in dark chocolate for bonus points), and a bottle of red wine. Not only are these foods synonymous with Valentine’s Day but they’re rich in antioxidants and offer many health benefits including lowering cholesterol — now I have an excuse to grab that extra chocolate bar. If you need more convincing you can read this fun post about Valentine antioxidants.

So keep building the trust in your relationship and share some delicious antioxidant-rich foods, and if you happen to be in a lab studying cholesterol, triglycerides, or other lipids you could run an experiment using a Thermo Scientific Accucore column or Thermo Scientific Acclaim column with a Thermo Scientific™ Charged Aerosol Detector (the real CAD) to see how much an acute dose of Valentine’s Day treats affected you.

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If you want to extend your “CAD” themed valentines, snuggle up and check out this on-demand webinar featuring CAD for triglycerides in extra-virgin olive oil characterization after your dinner.

Make sure you get the best results for your acute dose of delicious antioxidant experiment by using the right vials like the inert Thermo Scientific™ Chromacol™ GOLD vials– you can’t measure your target analytes if they never make it into your instrument! The quality of your glass vials can make or break your results – don’t believe me? Read this app note about the importance of glass on analyte detection.

Download the CAD Bibliography for a comprehensive collection of applications to read while you’re sipping your glass of high antioxidant red wine.