Chromeleon CDS softwareA really useful feature in the Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software version 7.1 is the web-based search for applications. This means you can browse our applications using a web browser, select an application, and then download all the information directly into software. This means starting your analysis work in a few easy steps.

The Advanced Search feature allows you to search applications by name, description, instrument type and model, matrix, market, method run time, compound, column details (manufacturer, model, length, internal diameter, packing material, and particle size), and compound name and class.

Once you have found an application you wish to use, you can view it online in great detail in a web browser. The details include information about the system, the column, gradient among other parameters. The integration results and a chromatogram view for each channel is also displayed and you can zoom into the chromatogram and investigate the data.

After choosing an application to use, you can quickly and easily download a ready-to-run sequence template including report, instrument, and processing methods into the Chromeleon CDS software.

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This feature was presented in a popular poster titled, A Web-Based Search Engine for Chromatography Applications, (downloadable PDF) at a Pittcon conference.

Other features you might want to check out: streamlining your workflow, speeding up data analysis, controlling multiple instruments, managing regulatory compliance, a virtual column separation simulator.

Let us know what other features you use for the benefit of our blog readers.