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Dr. Jeff Rohrer

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Expertise: Ion Chromatography
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Dr. Rohrer is the Director of Applications Development, Dionex Products for Thermo Fisher Scientific. In this position, he directs the work of the corporate applications laboratory in Sunnyvale California. He also advises and reviews the work of other chromatography labs at Thermo Fisher Scientific. These labs develop IC, HPAE-PAD, HPLC, and other LC-based assays. Dr. Rohrer is an author of 80 peer-reviewed publications and is a member of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Expert Committee on Monograph Development for Chemical Medicines (Group 1). Between 2010 and 2015 he was a member of the USP Small Molecules #1 Expert Committee for monograph development, the USP Expert Panel on Glycoprotein and Glycan Analysis, and the USP Expert Panel on Modernization of Identification Tests. He was also a member of the USP Expert Committee for antibiotics monograph development between 2005 and 2010. Dr. Rohrer is the co-editor of a book titled Application of Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical and Biological Products that was published in 2012. His interests include carbohydrate analysis methods and developing analytical methods that are specific, require less time than existing methods, and rugged. Dr. Rohrer joined Thermo Fisher (then Dionex) in 1989 and has held positions that include, Marketing Field Chemist, Senior Biochemist in R&D, and Applications Lab Manager. Prior to joining Thermo Fisher he spent two years as a post-doctoral associate in Dr. Elizabeth Theil’s lab at North Carolina State University studying the mechanism of iron deposition into the protein ferritin. Jeff received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in 1981 and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Delaware working with Dr. Harold White III studying the role of glycosylation in the transport of chicken serum riboflavin-binding protein across the oocyte membrane.