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Dr. Jenny-Marie T. Wong

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Expertise: HPLC and Chromatography Columns & Consumables
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Dr. Jenny-Marie T. Wong is a product marketing manager in the HPLC group at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., with previous roles in the Chromatography Columns & Consumables group. Originally from Buffalo, New York, Jenny obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in chemistry from SUNY Buffalo.  With a broad interest in chemistry and how it relates to human health, she completed her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at the University of Michigan focusing on the development of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry methods for applications in neurochemical research. During this, time she gained valuable insight into the needs and demands of analytical instrumentation to be robust and reliable as she used these powerful techniques to better understand the complexities of neurochemical interactions. As a marketer, Jenny works to educate the customer on the latest technology and tools using a variety of outlets to help customers succeed. Jenny is driven to help scientists better our world and advance science by providing them the best tools to answer the most challenging questions.