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Dr. John Madden

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Expertise: Chromatography Data Systems
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Dr. John Madden is a Strategic Market Development Manager for IC-MS at Thermo Fisher Scientific located in Sunnyvale, CA, USA in the IC/SP Division. He is an Analytical Chemist with over 20 years’ experience in the field of Ion Chromatography. During his tenure at Thermo Fisher Scientific (formerly Dionex Corporation), he has been a Senior Product Specialist for the Chromatography Data Systems (Chromeleon) Product Management Group, as well as a Senior Product Manager for the IC Consumables Group. John completed his PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia in 1999.

During John’s Post-Doctorate at the University of Tasmania he was able to integrate the ion exchange retention algorithms he developed during his PhD in a computer program called Virtual Column. Since then, Virtual Column has been adopted by Thermo Scientific and is now an integral part of the Chromeleon software.