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Dr. John Rontree

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Expertise: Pharma & Biopharma
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As a former life scientist with a PhD in LS-MS in Pharmaceuticals from Swansea University (UK), and a career immersed in the field of analytical solutions for pharmaceutical development and testing, Dr. Rontree is excited by the paradigm shift in the industry with the reinvention of biotherapeutics. His expertise lies in holistic LS-MS solutions for clinical and pharma laboratories and his focus has been providing technology solutions to the scientific community. His interests in developing and marketing analytical solutions have spanned numerous markets including pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics, OMICS, biotechnology, geochemistry, academia environmental food analysis, nuclear, planetary sciences, toxicology, drugs of abuse, environmental monitoring, proteomics and metabolomics.