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Dr. Martin Hornshaw

Expertise: Life Science Mass Spectrometry
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For almost 20 years, Martin Hornshaw has worked in a variety of marketing, technical, support, and scientific roles in the mass spectrometry analytical instrument industry. His interest and passion for mass spectrometry technology was sparked during the course of his PhD at the MRC Neurochemical Pathology Unit at the Medical School of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne where Martin focused on peptide-metal ion interactions in cerebral amyloidoses. That passion continues. In particular Martin wants the world to know how powerful mass spectrometry is as a tool for positive change. It is being applied in many ways but one such of particular interest is to better understand fundamental biology, which understanding can then be translated to improve our health.

Martin’s post-doctoral research was done at the University of California at Davis where he focused on the study of non-covalent interactions in the gas phase. Martin originally studied microbiology at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London and received a Bachelor of Science.