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Dr. Rowan Moore

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Expertise: Pharma & Biopharma
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Dr. Rowan Moore took a novel route into the world of analytical chemistry; she worked in a high throughput bioanalytical laboratory as an analytical assistant from school age, obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science at the University of Essex and then entered into the world of mass spectrometry for her PhD in proteomics/metabolite ID at the University of Liverpool. Following on from her PhD Rowan worked for another leading instrument manufacturer and focussed on the delivery of LC and high resolution mass spectrometry workflows and solutions. During this time she covered a wide range of applications, from metabolomics and metabolite ID to biopharma. Rowan has a keen eye for detail and understands customer requirements. She is driven by the need for customer success and her aim in her current marketing role is to exploit the available digital media channels to bring the latest technology and solutions on offer to the fore of the pharma and biopharma community.