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Dr. Ryan Bomgarden

Company: Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Expertise: Mass Spectrometry
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Dr. Ryan Bomgarden received his bachelor’s degree from Coe College with majors in Chemistry and Molecular Biology before completing his Ph.D. at Stanford University under Dr. Karlene Cimprich where he worked on biochemical characterization of the checkpoint kinase ATR DNA binding activity and signaling in UV-sensitive human cell lines. After a brief post doc in the Cimprich lab, Dr. Bomgarden joined Pierce Biotechnology as a Research Scientist for their Protein Function group where he was the technical leader responsible for developing over 30 new products including photo-reactive crosslinkers, SILAC metabolic labeling kits and subcellular protein fractionation kits. In 2009, Dr. Bomgarden joined a new mass spectrometry reagent group under Dr. John Rogers where he is currently a Sr. Staff Scientist, responsible for the development products for the proteomics reagent market segment.  Recent products Dr. Bomgarden has developed in this role includeTandem Mass Tag reagent (TMT10plex) reagents for relative quantitation of proteomic samples, HeLa protein digest standards for LC-MS QC, MS-cleaveable crosslinkers for protein structure analysis, Heavy Protein IVT Kits for production of stable isotope-labeled proteins; and ActivX Probes for kinase, GTPase and serine hydrolase inhibitor profiling and detection.  In addition to his work at Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dr. Bomgarden is also an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine where he teaches courses on biochemical techniques, drug design and ethics. Dr. Bomgarden is also heavily involved in STEM education, creating and performing science demonstrations for local schools and non-profit organizations.