lc-ms ms pesticides analysisJust watched a great 5 minute video which gave an overview on how high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) coupled to High Resolution Accurate Mass (HRAM) mass spectrometry can help customers challenged with monitoring analytes such as pesticides and veterinary drugs in food and feed samples.

In this video, our customer Hans Mol of RIKILT Institute of Food Safety, in the Netherlands shares his thoughts and experiences which enabled him to combine quantitative analysis and qualitative screening into one measurement for food and feed testing.

Watch the 5-min video by clicking the play button below:

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You might know that HRAM LC-MS/MS analysis is growing in popularity, in part, because it allows for retrospective analysis on additional analytes of interest and screening for unknown or unexpected pesticides. This is because all ions can be collected and fragmented whereas triple quadrupole mass spectrometry requires a target list of compounds. Furthermore, method development time is often shorter by orders of magnitude with HRAM LC-MS/MS, enabling the screening of a large number of compounds compared to triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.

Recent advances will make HRAM more accessible to laboratories and implement this technology at an affordable price to take advantage of workflows for both quantitative targeted analysis and screening for unknown compounds. You can also read a detailed method from researchers at Thermo Scientific Inc. that support the observations by Hans Mol and the group at RIKILT; this method is described in an earlier blog post: Pesticides Analysis with High-Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry(link to post).

Hans Mol will talk in detail about his work in this area in an upcoming webinar, titled, Simultaneous Quantitative Determination and Screening of Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables using LC-Q-Orbitrap-MS, on Dec 10th, 2014. (In case you are reading this post after the broadcast of the webinar, note that the webinar is available on-demand at the same link above.) In this webinar, Mr. Mol will discuss how high resolution mass spectrometry helped his team to integrate quantitative targeted analysis and screening for unknown compounds into one measurement and how this makes the analysis workflow more efficient and more effective. The outcome of a quantitative and qualitative performance evaluation according to the EU guidelines for validation and AQC, SANCO/12571/2013, (downloadable PDF), will be presented to demonstrate that this new technology is fit-for-purpose.

Would love to hear if HRAM is the way forward for Pesticide Residue Testing in your laboratory? Use the Comments box below to talk to us.

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