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After the sample is injected by theautosampler thegas chromtograph begins to do its work. I have talked about this new instrument before but it is worth mentioning again. No this is not more of the use of the Force, that only works on the weak minded and I have yet to meet anyone in the lab that is weak minded.

So you’re probably asking, “what does this GC provide to the lab that other GC’s do not?” You can read more about that on previous posts. But since you asked… This GC allows you to switch out the injector or detector, and I mean all of it, to either reconfigure the GC, add to the capability over time, or for maintenance.

Let’s start with reconfiguring the GC. In the past GC’s have always been complete units, you would by a GC configured for current analyses and maybe add other features if you thought you would use them in the future. Well, you would add those features if you were budgeted for them. Now, you can purchase the GC that you need now for the work you are doing now. You can add to the GC later when that is needed, the GC can grow with your lab. The control and gas supplies for the injectors and detectors are all contained in small Instant Connect modules.

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Now you may be asking why would I want to take an injector completely out for maintenance. The answer you probably wouldn’t and there would be no need. However, what if you have an ECD and it becomes contaminated. It sure would be convenient to take the complete injector and swap it with a new one, everything new. If you had one handy you would be running quickly. If you sent the ECD in for maintenance you could be running the next day with a reconditioned one from the factory.

I would like to introduce you all to Fausto Pigozzo, Director of Product Marketing GC GC-MS. He gives a very good overview of the functions and features of the TRACE 1300 Series GC.

View video here; Gas Chromatography Redefined