glycoproteomics researchRegular readers of this blog will know that I enjoy featuring useful reads and tools that help our readers in their work, and this roundup post featuring several resources for glycan analysis meets all my criteria for a useful read!

This post began when I received notice about a recently released, 12-page brochure on glycan analysis (featured in the first section below), and then I found some application notes plus a relevant on-demand webinar that I thought would be useful for our readers.

Guide to Glycan Analysis

The brochure, titled, Guide to Glycan Analysis (downloadable PDF) provides an overview of four categories of glycan and glycoproteomics research: monosaccharide analysis, glycan analysis, glycosylation site profiling, and intact glycoprotein profiling.

For each category, you are presented with the optimum analytical technique and a workflow that provides the best solution for that particular analysis. A short glossary is included on common abbreviations used in this field. The brochure includes a comprehensive reference section in the back with 29 references!

N-Glyan Analysis Using HPAE-PAD On-Demand Webinar

The webinar, titled, Analysis of N-Glycan Released from Biopharmaceutical Glycoproteins Using HPAE-PAD, (link to a quick registration form after which the webinar plays on-demand) features Dr. Petr Jandik, our R&D Principal Scientist, and Sebastian Kandzia, Head of Oligosaccharide Analytics, GlycoThera, in conversation on how High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography with Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAE-PAD) does not require modification of glycans prior to analysis and this technique is optimized to determine monosaccharides, sialic acids, oligosaccharides and other carbohydrate components of glycoproteins.

The experts also cover how HPAE-PAD can be a powerful tool in carbohydrate analysis, GMP validated HPAE-PAD methods according to ICH/EU guidelines for release testing of human biopharmaceuticals, and the HPAE-PAD mapping of native N-glycans released from recombinant biopharmaceuticals.

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Application/Technical Notes on Glycan Analysis

Here are three application notes plus one technical note on glycan analysis; you can download by clicking the title below.

And, last but not least, here’s a link to the webpage for one of our glycan analysis columns.

If you have questions on the materials presented in this blog post, do enter them in the Comments box below; our experts look forward to hearing from you.