disposable electrode ion chromatographyI am pleased to present this blog post on our gold on polytetrafluoroethylene (Au on PTFE) disposable working electrodes for ion chromatography instruments that have been evaluated in a variety of carbohydrate applications. These electrodes are easy to install, do not need to be polished, and, as described in the following technical note, provide a consistent performance for four weeks with <15% loss in response for carbohydrate applications.

Technical Note 110, Carbohydrate Determination by HPAE-PAD with Disposable Au on PTFE Working Electrodes, (downloadable PDF) describes the evaluation the electrodes in the analysis of the following HPAE-PAD carbohydrate applications to determine lifetime, background, and noise characteristics:

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By the way, if you are interested in an overview of the electrode technology, check out the electrochemical detection page on our website, and also this data sheet on all our disposable electrodes.

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