Traditional Chinese Medicine HPLC analysisDid you know that the oldest work on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) appeared in 200 B.C. and that the first TCMs and acupuncture needles appeared around 2500 BCE in China? (Link to site.) And, here I am pleased to present to you our recently released notebook featuring HPLC applications for TCM to help ensure the efficacy, purity and safety of these traditional remedies!

For those new to TCM, these medicines have been shown to alleviate illness, improve physical appearances as well as increase overall individual health. In addition, strong tradition and culture have helped to maintain the popularity of TCM and Chinese herbal medicines but, in recent years, concerns have grown that they have been affected by environmental and external factors including adulteration and substitution of dangerous ingredients. Indeed, a recently published article in Nature Magazine and titled, Screen uncovers hidden ingredients of Chinese medicine, (link to article), discusses how genetic auditing has revealed that some TCMs contain toxic ingredients and endangered animals.

Our notebook, titled, Traditional Chinese Medicine HPLC Applications Notebook: Time-Honored Remedies, Innovative Analysis, (downloadable PDF), presents several applications,some of which have been covered on this blog, and a list of peer-reviewed research articles using charged aerosol detection in an easy-to-use-interactive PDF. Note that you can download the full version of each featured application by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

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On page 2 of the guide, you can view an image of our UHPLC-ready systems, software, detectors, and columns; simply click any of the images to learn more about the system, software or column.

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  • Our recently released Chromatography Solution Online Center features many useful and complimentary chromatography tools which can help speed up your analysis. The site is updated on a monthly basis; therefore, do check out the Archives section to see what was previously featured.

Let us know if you have any questions on the applications in the notebook using the Comments box below. We look forward to hearing from you.