analysis of residual hydrogen peroxideThe poster note briefly described in this blog post was presented at the recent Pittcon show and presents a fast and direct method for the ion chromatography analysis of hydrogen peroxide in multiple samples including water, toothpaste, and mouth wash.In the method, the samples are injected directly without the requirement of sample derivatization.

Hydrogen peroxide used as a disinfectant in water purification and wastewater treatment, and as a bleaching agent in toothpaste, cola drinks, mouth wash, and teeth whitening kits. Hence, water samples and these products are monitored for the presence of hydrogen peroxide. By the way, here is the EU page on hydrogen peroxide exposure via toothpastes and mouthwashes. (Isn’t the image of the wastewater treatment plant interesting?)

Poster Note, Hydrogen Peroxide Detection by Ion Chromatography and Electrochemical Detection, (downloadable PDF), describes the advantages of using electrochemical detection (ECD) with our disposable gold electrode (Thermo Scientific Electrochemical Detector Disposable Electrodes) which do not require polishing and provide reproducible analysis while maintaining good peak shapes and excellent sensitivity.

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For the method development, one of our reagent-free ion chromatography systems (RFIC) was used along with one of our fast carbohydrate ion chromatography columns (Thermo Scientific Dionex CarboPac PA20 Carbohydrate Column). The simple and easy-to-implement analysis was completed in less than 5 mins and demonstrated excellent peak shape and sensitivity. Eluent was automatically generated by the RFIC system and was of a consistent quality.

Examples comparing commercial toothpaste and commercial mouthwash samples containing hydrogen peroxide and not containing hydrogen peroxide are included. (By the way, here is the EU page on hydrogen peroxide exposure via toothpastes and mouthwashes.)

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