ion chromatography automation of onductivity & pH measurementsThis blog entry addresses the challenge of automating conductivity and pH measurements in situations where hundreds of samples are collected and analyzed. Many industries require that sample integrity be maintained or regulatory requirements met through measurement of conductivity and pH, both when samples are collected and/or just before they are analyzed on an ion chromatography (IC) system. This is particularly true for laboratories focused on water analysis, food and beverage analysis, or chemical analysis.

As you can guess, given the complexity, variability, and added labor of manually measuring conductivity and pH on a per-sample basis, full automation of this process is extremely desirable. First and foremost, doing so clearly improves the consistency and robustness of the results. However, other significant advantages include reducing the time and labor required for this task, which frees up researchers to focus their efforts on other projects, and reducing consumable costs by preventing unnecessary runs of unqualified samples.

For example, after collecting water samples in the field at a waste site, it is common to measure conductivity, pH, or both. Because the time, distance, and environmental factors between collection and an analytical run can be great, good laboratory practice dictates that the collected samples again be measured just before analysis to ensure their integrity. Sample degradation can easily cause fluctuations in both conductivity and pH, offering a dependable way to identify such samples and eliminate them from the impending IC run.

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Our solution is the Thermo Scientific Dionex Sample Conductivity and pH Accessory! A new add-on for our AS-AP autosampler that is armed with in-line, small-form-factor conductivity and pH cells, the accessory conveniently fits inside the autosampler shell (saving precious bench-top space). Once correctly plumbed, it can fully automate the measurement process, from calibration to results reporting, when used with Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS) software conditional statements. This means simply loading up the autosampler with the desired samples and standards, starting a sequence in the Chromeleon software, and directing attention to other projects at hand. Once the run is completed, it is quick and easy to generate well-defined reports!

For more details on the specifications, visit our AS-AP Sample Conductivity and pH Accessory page on our website.

Are you already using this accessory? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences in the Comments box below. Our experts look forward to hearing from you!