pharma qa/qc analysisI am pleased to add another ion chromatography pharma application to our library of chromatography pharma QA/QC applications with this recently released technical note on the rapid separation and quantification of a pharmaceutical counter ion in a allergy drug tablet using increased flow rates on our high-pressure, capillary Ion Chromatography system (Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS-5000+ HPIC system).

Technical Note 120: Fast Separations of Counter Ions in an Allergy Drug Tablet Using High-Pressure IC (downloadable PDF) describes the importance of the rapid separation and quantification of a counter ion determination to confirm the correct stoichiometry and formula weight of a drug and to test for drug impurities. Chemists from our Sunnyvale Applications Lab, analyzed the inorganic anions from an allergy treatment pharmaceutical tablet that was dissolved in water and then separated by anion-exchange chromatography (downloadable technical note on practical guidelines on using capillary anion chromatography) on a capillary size, monolith, anion-exchange ion chromatography column (Thermo Scientific Dionex IonSwift MAX-200 column) which provides the advantages of high efficiency and high flow rates.

Following the separation, the analytes were detected by suppressed conductivity detection (Thermo Scientific Dionex CES Anion Capillary Electrolytic Suppressor) which is specifically optimized for capillary ion chromatography. The technical note provides details on the system setup via a schematic on page 3 plus detailed instructions on how to install and setup the instrument.

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The technical note refers to another application brief, Application Brief 136, Determination of Inorganic Counterions in Pharmaceutical Drugs Using Capillary IC, (downloadable PDF) that I have included here for your convenience.

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