Municipal Water Analysis ApplicationsDid you know that the state of California in the USA is heading into year three of its worst drought of 40 years? (Link to story.) Experts in the state are looking at efficiencies and reuse of water sources, such as agricultural and urban water, water reuse and recycling, and increased capturing of local rainwater.

As you might well be aware that as both ground and surface waters are a vital source for fresh water and, hence, be kept safe and secure, the water discharged by municipal waste water treatment plants and industrial facilities must comply with set legal limits for the level of drinking water contaminants. Regulatory bodies around the globe, from the U.S. EPA, the World Health Organization, the European Commission’s Scientific Advisory Committee, Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India all regulate drinking water quality. (All links to go regulatory body webpages.)

Here I am pleased to present a 33-page application notebook, titled, Ion Chromatography: Municipal Water Analysis Applications Summary Notebook, (downloadable PDF), featuring the challenges of ensuring clean and safe drinking water, benefits of using ion chromatography for the monitoring of water quality, and application briefs for the following drinking water analysis:

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  • Inorganic anions and cations
  • Disinfection by-products
  • Toxic contaminants

The notebook features 13 application briefs and also covers the use of high-pressure ion chromatography, reagent free ion chromatography, and eluent generation and regeneration for those new to this type of analysis.

What I particularly found useful in the notebook was the last section, Literature References, listing useful regulatory agency links to water quality, and references for each application brief.

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