illuminating-discovery_dessertWhether or not there is life beyond Neptune, the farthest known planet in the Solar System, will likely stay a mystery to us all. Whether or not there is life beyond the Thermo Scientific™ Neptune™ series MC-ICP-MS might a simpler question to answer.

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Let me lift a corner of the veil: the future of Multicollector ICP-MS is currently shaped at the Thermo Fisher Scientific factory in Bremen, Germany, bearing in mind valuable feedback from our customers, who told us they want

… an easy-to-use instrument

… highly flexibility

… with a high mass selectivity

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… and a robust ICP

… without compromise on sensitivity

… driven by modern software

… supporting all sample inlet systems

For scientists whose research requires high-precision isotope ratio data in fields of geosciences, nuclear safeguards, forensics, metalomics and provenance studies, Thermo Fisher Scientific is creating a new Multicollector ICP-MS.

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