sdms for water analysis laboratoriesA number of articles have been written over the past few years that discuss the data management challenges facing many laboratories today. In this blog post, we’ll discuss one industry in particular, the water and environmental industry. Future blog posts will discuss LIMS and laboratory integration in the food and beverage industry, life sciences, and heavy process industries.

A very good article published in American Laboratory gives an overview of the challenges and the solutions for water and environmental testing labs. This article, Integrated Informatics Solutions in the Water Quality Sector, was co-authored by Jeanne Mensingh, CEO and Founder of Labtopia (formerly EM2 Solutions Inc.), which provides consulting to laboratories focused on quality systems and regulatory compliance. Ms. Mensingh is a NELAC (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference) auditor, one of the primary regulating agencies for the water industry. Colin Thurston is a Strategist for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Informatics business and focuses on process industries. To give you a real life example of the benefits of this integration strategy, I’m highlighting one case study that illustrates a laboratory information management system (LIMS) integrated with SDMS and lab instrumentation. There are many other published items which I’ll share in future blog posts.

Nova Biologicals is a good example of a contract research lab that needed to improve its efficiencies and more fully integrate its lab instrumentation with the LIMS. Nova is one of the leading full-service, NELAC accredited laboratories in Texas, providing laboratory testing and consulting services to the water, medical device, pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and food industries globally. By implementing a scientific document management system (SDMS) and integrating it with the LIMS and other laboratory instrumentation, Nova was able to ensure the quality of its data and deliver regulatory reports in the secure format required by auditors from many types of agencies. For a full explanation of the challenges faced by Nova Biologicals and the solutions implemented to address those challenges, you will find this case study of interest – LIMS for Water and Environmental Testing Lab Transforms Information Management at Nova Biologicals.

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To read more about laboratory integration solutions for the water industry, a good resource is the Water and Environmental Resources website, which includes more case studies, articles and technical information.

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