LIMS essential for Clean WaterClean water is a global necessity – essential to our health and well being. Just imagine a day without clean water to drink, to prepare our food, to wash the daily grind from our clothes and bodies. There’s a lot of science behind clean water and a laboratory information management system (LIMS) is a critical component of the sample management, data capture and analysis that is necessary for water management facilities, utility companies, water testing laboratories and environmental scientists around the world.

In an earlier blog we talked about water challenges in the United States, and the increasing requirements for contaminants testing imposed by regulatory agencies like the EPA and NELAC (National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Council). Today we’re talking about water in other parts of the world. While the regulatory requirements may change based on geography, common challenges remain for all water testing facilities. The one universal common goal is to provide clean water for people everywhere.

Two case studies in particular are interesting. In Northern Ireland, the water facility has integrated a remote field sampler with its LIMS, allowing them to save time and ensure sample integrity by automatically delivering field sample information to the LIMS from the source of sample collection. Read about how the Integration of Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS* and CSols Remote Sampler at Northern Ireland Water Delivers Enhanced Audit Trail, Significant Time and Cost Savings.

In Argentina, the water facility there is responsible for delivering clean water to over 10 million people in greater Buenos Aires. The LIMS has been essential in improving quality control and helping the laboratory manage the increasing number of samples required for accurate sample management. Read about how the Leading Argentinean Water Processing Company Relies on Thermo Scientific LIMS for Improved Quality Control.

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I’d also like to offer you 2 excellent webinars that will give you some insight into the value of a LIMS for water and environmental testing labs. Introduction to the Benefits of a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) gives you a very good overview of the value of a LIMS, and how water and environmental labs rely on the LIMS for sample and data management. Connecting the Lab and Integrating it Across the Field takes the discussion deeper and illustrates the benefits of integrating the LIMS with other laboratory instruments and enterprise systems. Both webinars are free for download and I hope you will forward these to your colleagues who may find this useful and interesting.

We’ll be talking more about the use of LIMS in Water and Environmental testing labs in future blogs. To read more about data management solutions for the water industry, a good resource is the Water and Environmental Resources website, which includes case studies, webinars, articles and technical information.

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