TIW PALM BEACH 2012In the laboratory informatics world, we all have to stay current on the latest LIMS and CDS, ELN and SDMS technologies so our contributions continue to make a direct impact on the value of the lab’s efficiency and output. But even more these days, with the increasing pressure to reduce expenses and improve workflow efficiencies throughout the company,the contributions we make in the laboratory also extend all the way up to the corner office. From data comes information, and the laboratory is delivering more and more information that becomes part of the business metrics used to make critical management decisions every day. Informatics and LIMS user meetings give us the opportunity to connect with other professionals facing similar challenges and to interact directly with the industry solutions providers creating the next generation of LIMS and laboratory software.

Who should attend an Informatics and LIMS user meeting? The range of scientific and laboratory personnel can be narrow or broad, but in most user group meetings there’s something for these core groups of informatics professionals: Lab Management, Scientists, IT/Operations, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Operations, Senior Management. Now let’s talk about what each of these groups can hope to gain by attending an Informatics and LIMS user meeting.

If you’re a LIMS or a lab manager, informatics user group meetings give you a chance to participate in industry discussions on topics you need to know about, but probably don’t have time to think about during your daily routine. Think about how much more you can contribute to the achievement of the lab if you can hear from industry leaders about the latest integration and automation solutions, the role of SDMS, ELNs and what it really means to move towards a paperless lab. Scientists participating in a LIMS user meeting can return to their work and have immediate impact on the current workflow, and watch their productivity metrics soar when they no longer have to rely on paper-based systems or manual processes.

If you’re in charge of IT operations, Informatics and LIMS user meetings can help you gain perspective on the latest trends in cloud computing and web-based informatics technologies, including the latest uses of mobile devices to access lab data and manage operations. Supply chain and manufacturing operations managers can also benefit from some Informatics user meetings because this is the environment where comprehensive end-to-end solutions are presented, including the latest integration tools available to bring process systems in line with other enterprise, data and communications tools. Your company management will be extremely interested in how you can impact productivity and costs by more fully integrating the lab with existing enterprise and process systems.

Senior managers too can benefit by attending Informatics and LIMS user meetings because typically the sponsoring company’s senior management is on hand to discuss the roadmap for the future and they are eager to speak with other executives about current challenges. It’s discussion like this that can help drive the next generation of informatics solutions.

We are all living in a period of major upheavals – social, political, economic, demographic and environmental. And this means that our CEOs are all thinking hard about ways to transform their businesses. They are all asking one fundamental question:

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What course do I chart for my company to survive and grow in this environment?

Your lab operations are an integral part of your business, and if you are responsible for keeping your laboratories current with today’s environment, then I’d like to tell you about an Informatics and LIMS user meeting you cannot afford to miss. Two locations, US and Europe, give you two opportunities to get current, stay informed and benefit from the industry leadership that can help you transform your business.


Come to the Thermo Scientific Informatics World North American user meeting, September 10-13, in Palm Beach, Florida, or the Thermo Scientific Informatics World European user meeting, October 15-18, in Amsterdam.

If you want to be a part of the change, then you have to participate in the discussion. Let me know how you feel about user meetings and what you’ve found to be best practices for conveying this important information. Your comments are welcome and most appreciated.