chromatography applications for biopharmaceutical researchRecently, I received a copy of our February Biopharma Solutions monthly enewsletter (directions on how to subscribe below) and a listing for the four top posters for 2011 caught my eye. I know poster and application downloads are always popular particularly those not requiring any registration!

So here are four of the most popular monoclonal antibody and proteomics posters for you to read online or download as PDFs. (In case you are new to our poster note format, after a poster is displayed at a conference, our design center reformats the large poster format into a readable 8.5×11 template which is so much more handier to print and also read online.)

Poster: New MAbPac Phases for Monoclonal Antibody (MAb) Variant Analysis

This study decribes the development of two new MAbPac columns for monoclonal antibody analysis: MAbPac SCX-10 Monoclonal Antibody Analysis column and the MAbPac SEC-1 Monoclonal Antibody Size-Exclusion column. The MAbPac SCX-10 column is a strong cation-exchange column, designed as a complementary addition to the ProPac WCX Protein Analysis column that provides high resolution and orthogonal selectivity for various proteins and MAb charge variant characterization. The study presents several applications for this column including characterization of lysine truncation variants, enzymatic digestions, and Fab and Fc analysis. Also, lot-to-lot and column-to-column reproducibility and ruggedness of this new MAbPac column are demonstrated. Also to be noted is that the MAbPac SEC-1 column has been specifically developed for the separation of size-based variants, including aggregates and fragments resulting from enzymatic digestions.

Poster: A Complete Workflow Solution for Intact Monoclonal Antibody Characterization Using a New High-Performance Benchtop Quadrupole Orbitrap LC-MS/MS)

This study describes intact mass measurement and top-down sequencing using mass spectrometers (MS) and the analysis of full MS spectra of intact or reduced MAb. A mass error of less than 10 ppm was routinely achieved for intact MAb mass measurement. Using an on-line high resolution top-down MS-MS approach, over 40% of the fragmentation site was achieved for intact light chain that covers 100% sequence. Results from this study indicates that both precise mass measurement and extensive, high confident sequence information can be obtained for intact MAb using this workflow solution that combines high resolution MS, fast chromatography, high throughput msx HCD and accurate data analysis.

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Poster: Exploration of pH-Gradient Ion-Exchange Chromatography High-Resolution Protein Separations in Biotechnology and Proteomics

This study describes the application of pH-gradientIon-Exchange Chromatography (IEC) (link to another downloadable poster) as compared to salt-gradient IEC for the separation of proteins from various sources. High-resolution separations of a MAb and its isoforms were achieved using a new, nonporous, strong cation-exchange resin.

Poster: Strategies for Coupling of Nonvolatile Salt-Based HPLC to MS Detection for the Separation and Characterization of Related Substances in Biopharmaceuticals

This study describes an automated and hyphenated liquid chromatography (LC) method for the identification of pharmaceutical compounds. A solid-phase extraction desalting step is applied prior to sample introduction to the MS detector, removing buffers from the eluent stream. This allows current methods to be used with MS detection without new method development!

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