method-transfer-calculatorRecently, the innovation and competition in the areas of HPLC and UHPLC was the subject of an interesting Lab Manager magazine article titled, The More it Matures the Better it Gets, by Dr. Angelo DePalma. I thought this would be a perfect lead into the subject of today’s post on converting HPLC methods!

Given that the challenge of every chromatographic optimization is the development of a method that can resolve all peaks of interest in as short a time as possible, the question is how can we help our customers achieve this? Particularly if they need to transfer exisiting methods. The challenges could be converting a conventional HPLC method to a UHPLC method.

Here, we present our solution: an automated Method Speed Up Calculator. The goal behind the Calculator is simple: Enter your old method details and your new column details. The calculator immediately provides new method parameters and automatically calculates how much time and solvent the new method will save.

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I know the Calculator image is tiny but I wanted you to see the range of parameters that can be set and how easy it is to use the tool. (The Method Speed Up Calculator is downloadable in this blog post.)

An example showing how you can start working with your new methods in less than a week is this poster presentation titled, A Complete Solution for Accelerating and Revalidating HPLC Methods–Start Working with Your New Methods in Less than One Week (downloadable PDF).

Let us know your method transfer challenges in the comments box below.