citrus oil, essential oil, pesticides, GC-MS/MS, Thermo ScientificNow we are analyzing something that smells good and if there is not too much of it the smell is very good, too much is over-powering. Citrus oil can collect and concentrate anything that was sprayed on the citrus crop. You might be asking, what are some of the uses for citrus oil and what types of customers would be interested in this application note? The answer is citrus oils are used in a large number of areas.

  • Citrus oil is used inflavorings. They will show up in beverages, sweets of all kinds, chewing gum and liqueurs. I have all of these in my house and some in my pocket (the gum not liqueur).

  • Citrus oil is used as flavorings for drug delivery. I found it in the cough suppressant medication in my cabinet.

  • Citrus oil is used in toothpaste, soap and shampoo. I do use soap of all kinds and some of it has that citrus smell. Even the soap to wash my car has it.

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  • Citrus oil usedin perfumes and cosmetics. My deodorant has a slight citrus smell to it.

  • Citrus oilis also used in aromatherapy products where they are more commonly referred to as essential oils. I did not think I used this type of therapy but in looking around my house I see and smell candles that have a citrus smell to them.

Now the method, the biggest deal to me was no sample preparation. This is simply “dilute and shoot”. That comes with some challenges, like what do you do with all of the matrix you normally get rid of? In previous posts we used SPME; in this case we use PTV with backflushwith the TSQ Quantum XLS. The way the backflush is done is a little different, instead of backflushing the entire column we simply backflush the injector. This has two benefits. The first is the same for all backflush techniques, saves the MS source from contamination. The second is different; it keeps the analytical column from being contaminated at all. We did a series of injections and checked the reproducibility of the 40 pesticide compounds in the citrus oil. Over this series compounds ranged from 0.69% for alpha-lindane to 3.68% for iprodione. All of the initial instrument parameters and the SRM (MRM) transitions are taken from the Pesticide Analyzer Reference ver 2.

Download the application note here, Citrus Oil Pesticide Analysis