LIMS optimize investmentRemind yourself what that laboratory software is there to do – and attend a complimentary one-day event with industry professionals in the UK, London, Thursday May 1.

It’s easy to lose sight of why we invest in and spend time implementing our laboratory software solutions.LIMS, LES, CDS, SDMS… integration to instruments and enterprise systems, functionalities to enable bar-coding and multiple result entry, capabilities which help track samples throughout your lab or facilitate regulatory compliance… With all those acronyms and options flying around it’s not surprising that those in charge of evaluating and selecting laboratory software solutions might get lost in the myriad of choices available.

The important thing to remember is that each laboratory, and each business is different. Sure, we all want to improve quality, ease compliance to the regulatory bodies we must report to, reduce costs and hopefully increase productivity while we’re at it. But there are details to consider – what is the real business issue that causes your executives pain on a regular basis? How can your lab affect change in those key areas? It may be by reducing the time it takes for a result to be authorised and delivered to your manufacturing managers for them to approve and release a new batch. Perhaps your Quality Manager needs data delivered to their mobile device to enable them to keep track of product quality 24/7. Research organisations might save literally years by optimising their collaboration capability using a sophisticated data management system to ensure their scientists stay abreast of what their colleagues are up to across the globe. Once the root issue or issues are identified for your lab, you can be confident that you will find the right software solution for your laboratory and for your business.

Thermo Scientific Informatics are holding an event in London, UK on Thursday 1st May to help laboratory professionals identify the key issues that laboratory software could solve for their business. The complimentary event, titled Select a Complete Laboratory Software Solution to Manage Quality, Facilitate Compliance & Increase Productivity will include case studies featuring improvements in Quality, Productivity, Connectivity, Compliance, and Cost Reduction. Participants will be invited to discuss their concerns with regard to moving toward a paperless laboratory, and discover capabilities to ease regulatory compliance, such as ISO 17025 and other industry regulations. There will be time to network with peers with similar interests and all attendees will be invited to enter a £100 prize draw.

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Attending this event will benefit laboratory managers and group leaders, Quality Control and Quality Assurance managers, IT managers for laboratories, process managers and others responsible for ensuring your laboratory remains an asset to your business.

Discussions and examples from a variety of industries will be shared through the day – attendees from pharma/biopharma, food and beverage, oil and gas, water and environmental, research, manufacturing and contract laboratories will all find content relevant to their specific business and requirements.

We recommend you register soon to confirm your place at this event – further dates to be announced shortly in other locations across Europe. For more information on this seminar series please contact