bioanalysis sample preparationIn an earlier post on the use of our recently released solid-phase extraction (SPE) micro elution plates (Thermo Scientific SOLAµ Solid Phase Extraction [SPE] Well Plates) for bioanalysis, I covered how these well plates can enhance sample concentration by 20X (link to post), and here I am pleased to present an application note on how these plates can be used to facilitate the scale down of an extraction method for use when sample volume is limited or volatile as in the case of bioanalytical samples.

Application Note 20942, SOLAμ for reduced sample volume analysis, (downloadable PDF), displays a workflow schematic on how to achieve a ten-fold decrease in sample volume without altering the work-flow or compromising the final extracted analyte concentration and

The method development used one of our rapid-separation HPLC systems (Thermo Scientific Dionex UltiMate 3000 RSLC system),one of our reverse-phase MS HPLC columns (Thermo Scientific Accucore RP-MS HPLC column), a guard cartridge (Thermo Scientific Accucore RP-MS Defender guard cartridge) and shows that a fast and efficient separation can be achieved without the need for an ultra high-pressure HPLC system. One of our mass spectrometers for bioanalysis applications (Thermo Scientific TSQ Vantage mass spectrometer) was used for the MS/MS detection.

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The method demonstrates that there was no adverse effect on assay performance when sample volume was reduced 10X from 250 μL to 25 μL.

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