solid phase extraction of nitrosamines in water matricesIn this series on the analysis of tobacco, we have discussed so far the fast HPLC analysis of four tobacco specific nitrosamines in cigarettes and the environmental nicotine exposure by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (including nicotine bioanalysis in urine). This blog post discusses a published article on the analysis of nitrosamines in water using automated solid-phase extraction and GC-MS/MS.

Article: Use of Automated Solid-Phase Extraction and GC-MS/MS to Evaluate Nitrosamines in Water Matrices

Authored by Janie C. Holady, Rebecca A. Trenholm, and Shane A. Snyder, the article presents an analytical method for detecting and monitoring nitrosamines finished drinking, surface, and treated wastewater effluent waters from an Australian facility over a three-month period.

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Of keen interest to our readers should be the sample preparation method used in this study: our automated solid-phase extraction (SPE) system (Thermo Scientific Dionex AutoTrace 280 instrument). The key advantages of using automated SPE is that liquid–liquid extractions that normally take long hours can be automated, sample handling is significantly reduced as compared to techniques such as separatory funnel or vacuum manifold for SPE, and the SPE technique offers a dramatic reduction in solvent use!

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