Solid Phase Extraction plates for bioanalysisI am pleased to feature our recently released solid phase extraction (SPE) micro elution plates (Thermo Scientific SOLAµ Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Well Plates) designed specifically for bioanalysis experiments. Bioanalysis is moving toward methods that require higher levels of sensitivity and reproducibility with decreasing sample volumes.

Using our award-winning SOLA SPE technology, (short video below), these new plates have been designed to deliver robust, reproducible processing at elution volumes as low as 25 µL. In internal experiments, the new SPE plates have improved sensitivity over comparable SPE products as much as twenty-fold due to improved pre-concentration while maintaining high levels of reproducibility. The macro-porous structure is designed for robust, reproducible results with consistent sample and solvent flow through the SPE stationary phase, which can mitigate blockages caused by viscous biological samples.

Using a proprietary design and manufacturing technique, the plates combine polyethylene frit materials and stationary phase materials into a uniform stationary phase. This mitigates problems caused by voiding, channeling and packing inconsistencies, which can cause variability in results. The design enhances reproducibility, well-to-well, plate-to-plate and batch-to-batch.

The low elution volumes accommodated by SOLAµ plates can provide a more efficient workflow by removing the blow-down stage of the SPE process. It offers the added benefit of more stability for molecules that are susceptible to adsorption and solvation issues.

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The new SOLAµ SPE products are available in 96-well-plate format and include: SOLAµ HRP (reverse phase), SOLAµ SCX (mixed-mode strong cation exchange), SOLAµ SAX (mixed-mode strong anion exchange), SOLAµ WCX (mixed-mode weak cation exchange) and SOLAµ WAX (mixed-mode weak anion exchange) stationary phases.

This 2.20 min video explains how the SOLA SPE technology works.

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