shutterstock_114250666A few years ago, I wrote an article about some fun chemistry-related holiday gifts. If you’re looking for ideas for that special scientist in your life, the following will help you fill their stocking and make their holiday Fluorine-Uranium-Nitrogen.

  1. Here are a couple ways to let everyone know your friend or family member is a chemist. I love the old-timey sign but if you want something less pricey, the parking sign is pretty funny as well.
  2. The traditional yule log can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. Add some pizzazz with these fireplace colorant packets.
  3. Adult coloring books became quite the rage recently. Check out this one and don’t forget the crayons or colored pencils.
  4. Sticking with colors, here’s a way to catch the attention of colleagues as they cruise through poster sessions at scientific conferences. Poster lights can draw them in, but it’s still the quality of the content that will keep them there. (Be sure to check with show organizers before using these!)
  5. No science list would be complete without something related to the periodic table. How about some nice soap bars? The radioactive elements actually glow in the dark. Or consider the radioactive elements glowing coaster set that light up when you put your drink on them.
  6. Most of us scientists love our coffee…the stronger the better and there’s nothing stronger than Death Wish coffee. Plus, it’s fair trade and organic. Make sure they drink it from the appropriate mug. Top off the coffee theme with this 3D molecular model set of caffeine.
  7. Is tea more their style? Check out this flask-shaped tea infuser.
  8. If you think they might need something a bit more potent after a hard day at the lab, Alkkemist gin might do the trick.
  9. I love making words out of the elemental symbols on the periodic table. If you know someone similar, you definitely have to get them Elemensus. You could also surprise them with a personalized Lutetium-Nitrogen-Carbon-Hydrogen bag.
  10. If you want to get the scientist in your life something totally unique, this DNA portrait is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.
  11. Clothing is always a good gift option. For him, how about a chemistry tie? For her, a periodic table scarf has all the elements of style, as do these. And for both, the porcupyne t-shirt is a great option. (I have one!)
  12. Finally, ring in the new year with these champagne glasses etched with the molecular structure and chemical formula of Oxytocin and Vassopressin.


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