C--Users-patricia.mcdermott-Pictures-Lab Execution Image HI RES-resized-600Exciting things are happening at Thermo Fisher Scientific, and I wanted to keep you informed of our latest developments. We’ve just come back from Smart Lab in Germany and Pittcon in Chicago – and are preparing for a full show season – Arab Lab is next week, and Analytica, the largest of the European events, will take place first of April. What are we excited about? We’ve just launched our Lab Execution System (LES), the newest set of functionality for SampleManager LIMS. Now SampleManager LIMS offers instrument integration capabilities through our Integration Manager, raw data storage and retrieval through our SDMS capabilities as well as the new LES functionality, making SampleManager LIMS the most comprehensive paperless lab solution available today. SampleManager is currently the only Informatics solution to combine LIMS, LES and SDMS functionality on one enterprise-level platform. The new LES is web-based, built on and fully integrated with the Thermo Scientific enterprise-level LIMS platform, allowing the LES functionality to be executed from the LIMS or from any web browser. I’ve got a short video for you to watch, featuring Trish Meek, from Thermo Fisher. She took the time on the floor of Pittcon to talk about some of the key features of the new Lab Execution System and why this functionality brings our paperless lab offering full circle for our customers.

And since many of our customers are moving towards a truly paperless laboratory environment, editors at some of the major trade publications are anxious to know what’s in store for the future. A good article written by Bernard Tulsi, with Lab Manager Magazine, includes conversations with Deloitte Consulting, Kim Shah, Colin Thurston and Trish Meek from Thermo Fisher, and also Paula Hollywood from ARC Advisory Group. It’s a pretty comprehensive discussion that will give a lot of readers some perspective on issues that may be pressing in their own organizations. (article begins on Page 10 of the January/February issue of Lab Manager))

We’ve talked a lot in these columns about the challenges to achieving a Paperless Lab – and the Thermo Scientific CONNECTS for the Paperless Lab offering, which includes a consultative assessment of current lab practices to identify areas for improvement; a solution set recommendation, which can include data management solutions such as LIMS or SDMS, as well as integration of instruments or ERP systems; and a services component for successful implementation and long-term optimum utilization of all systems. Kim Shah has recently written further on the topic, but has added a business component to the discussion, indicating that companies with a core reliance on the work done in their scientific laboratories must begin to bring the lab into the key business metrics relied upon by management. Shah calls the four pillars of this new discussion – Business Intelligence, Innovation, Automation and Integration – ‘Drivers of Transformation’. That article was recently published in R&D Magazine and I thought it would be a good addition to the topics I’ve already mentioned because it illustrates how Thermo Fisher approaches its customers in terms of developing products that solve their challenges and grow with their organizations. You can read the R&D article here.

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Finally here’s a good website where you can find technical information about the new Lab Execution System, case studies and videos outlining the capabilities of SampleManager LIMS. My objective is to help you find the solution that best suits your current challenge. But as our businesses are growing all the time, your laboratory software needs to be able to respond to your growth objectives, and I’d like to help you establish your lab for future growth with the right mix of integrated Informatics solutions. If you can take a few minutes to look over some content, I think you’ll see what SampleManager can do for you. I’m attaching the latest video, fresh from the floor at Pittcon, as well as our Press Release. For more complete information, you can visit www.thermoscientific.com/LES or email us at marketing.informatics@thermofisher.com.

As always, I hope this information is useful to you and I welcome your comments.