Sakhalin Energy LNG TankerWith so much in the news every day about our search for new fuel sources to power the world, from the issues related to fracking and deep water drilling to tar sands exploration, I thought it would be of interest to explore just how complicated it is to extract oil and gas, to process it and to move it around. A laboratory information management system (LIMS) is regularly used in the analysis of oil and gas from the exploration stage through to production and shipping for many reasons which include determining quality, and adherence to ISO 17025 regulations. Several items in this blog will illustrate the use of LIMS to monitor ISO 17025 standards. A White Paper published by ARC Advisory Group talks about how a comprehensive quality management system with an integrated LIMS can help reduce product variability as well as improve operational performance for companies in the hydrocarbon processing, oil and gas and petrochemicals industries. Read How LIMS Ensures Product Quality and Facilitates ISO Certification, by Paula Hollywood of the ARC Advisory Group.

This article, Improving Productivity in the PetroChemical Industry – the Benefits of an Integrated Enterprise-Level LIMS Solution, published by Petro Industry News also illustrates the use of LIMS to not only automate laboratory data capture, but also facilitate connectivity to improve enterprise-wide communications, help management reach critical decisions faster and produce timely, accurate reports on end products.

There is also an excellent case study featuring the world’s largest oil and gas project located in the harsh subarctic environment of Sakhalin Island located in the Sea of Oshotsk in Russia’s Far East. Sakhalin Energy standardized on SampleManager LIMS in its main laboratory and across its upstream satellite laboratories. The LIMS is used to manage the workload and integrate with the instrumentation. The LIMS is also essential for quality control work, scheduling and reporting on samples, managing resources and tracking the results of environmental monitoring throughout Sakhalin Energy operations.

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A good resource for more information about the use of LIMS in the oil and gas industry is the Oil & Gas Resources site, which includes technical information on LIMS for this industry, published articles and case studies, as well as webinars and video.

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