It’s the beginning of the holiday season so what better time to share some ideas that would make fun gifts for the chemist in your life. No bright copper kettles or warm woolen mittens on this list, though.

1: Leave Santa a treat made with these laboratory-themed cookie cutters and he might just bring that new mass spectrometer or ion chromatograph you were wishing for. Set includes a beaker, flask, test tube, and atom. (Image Credit: Science Bob Store)


chemistry cookie cutters

2: A wall clock that replaces numbers with elements and one you can customize! Can you name 1-12 without looking at a periodic table? No picture of the clock…that would be too easy!

3: This atom ornament will get quite a reaction. Are you more into the life sciences? No problem…there’s also a DNA ornament that will look great hanging on your tree. (Image Credit: Fair Indigo & Kyle Design)

atom ornament

DNA ornament


4: For geeks on the go, put this bumper sticker on your vehicle of choice to let everyone know what your priorities are. (Image Credit: Zazzle)


chemistry bumper sticker

5: Forget about those Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica lunch boxes. Carry this science canvas lunch bag.

science chemistry canvas lunch bag

6: These NaCl and C17H19NO3 shakers will make the perfect addition to your dinner table. (Image Credit: MOD)


chemistry salt and pepper shakers

7: If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory (the television comedy series), you’ll recognize this shower-curtain. (Image Credit: 3B Scientific)


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periodic table shower table


8: Be the most popular mixologist in the neighborhood with this chemistry cocktail set. Check out the emblems on the glassware! (Image Credit: 3B Scientific)


chemistry cocktail shaker


9: I just love magic sand. Great for kids, too. (Image Credit: Educational Innovations)

magic sand


And, FINALLY Number 10!

This has to be the ultimate wine for chemists. The label displays “actual winemaking formulas that are either induced or naturally occur during a specific winemaking process.” The wine maker also provides a pdf that explains things for non-chemists. (Image Credit: Roots Run Deep Winery)


wine for chemists


By the way, I also ran across a couple of really great gifts based on atomic emission spectra. One is a scarf, which I really wanted for myself, but sadly, it is no longer available and the other is a bracelet, which is also sold out. However, if you are the crafty type, you can make your own atomic spectra scarf or jewelry (link to reference site).

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way endorsing these and have no vested interest in any of them. I just think they are cool.


There are surely other great gift ideas out there. I saw many t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. but thought the ten items above were a little out-of-the-ordinary. What’s your favorite? Is there anything else you would have included? In the spirit of the season, feel free to share your favorite chemistry or science-related trinkets.