food-additives-and-contaminants-480x270Our customers in the US food safety analysis business are aware the United States FDA passed the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in 2011, which was the most sweeping rehaul of food safety laws in 70 years. The key goal of this reform was to prevent contamination rather than dealing with it after the fact. We thought we would help our customers by providing a comprehensive overview of what the FDA has implemented in its first year of this sweeping new Food Safety legislation, and explain what’s coming next as well. You can download our white paper addendum attached to this blog post, titled, Food Safety Modernization Act White Paper Addendum: October 2011 Update. (You can also read several progress reports on the FSMA on the FDA site.)

The podcast (11 minutes) embedded below features industry expert Dr. David Acheson giving a timely, on-point summary of FDA progress, industry impact, and a vision of what’s to come. (Dr. Acheson is a former Associate Commissioner of Foods at the US FDA, and now Managing Director of Food and Import Safety Practice at Leavitt Partners.)

Dr. Acheson’s interview covers the following topics:

  • Major implementation milestones completed by the FDA
  • FDA goals for 2012
  • Funding struggles and influence on implementation
  • Compliance challenges for Manufacturers, Importers, Food Testing Labs, and Companies outside the US
  • Common questions and responses on FSMA implementation

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UPDATE April 12, 2012: Here is a great FAQ on the FSMA posted by Dr. Acheson on the Leavitt Partners blog!

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